Espresso Means Never Having to Say ‘I’m Unhappy’


Among the gifts Italy has bestowed upon the world, here are 17 (or so) that immediately spring to mind:

1. Espresso

2. The Quattrocentro

3. The Ferrari 559

4. The names of five body parts

5. Leonardo

6. Sophia Loren

7. The telescope

8. The radio

9. The Jacuzzi

9. The Zamboni Maria Montessori

10. Modern forensic medicine

11. Napoleon Vergil

12. The piano

13. Ice cream

14. The Fibonacci number

15. Frank Capra

16. Vivaldi

17. Modern accounting The Reading Room of the British Museum Library

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5 Responses to Espresso Means Never Having to Say ‘I’m Unhappy’

  1. Ellyn says:

    Well, if that doesn’t warm me down to my Ruffini’s corpuscles.


  2. Sally Thomas says:

    So did the Italians not invent the Zamboni, or do we just like Maria Montessori better?


  3. Sally Thomas says:

    OK, because I was trying to imagine a bunch of Finns coming up with this machine and saying, “But you know, people really like Italian things. Let’s call it something Italian — like Vespa!”

    “Wait, Larry. I think that’s taken.”

    “Oh. Well, uh . . . “


  4. Sophia Loren, the most beautiful woman in the world. I agree.

    And Zambonis rock.


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