Bishop to Investigate Historicity of Holocaust, Once He’s Done Looking into ‘This Gravity Nonsense’


So Bishop Richard Williamson, Holocaust-denier and recently unexcommunicated Catholic bishop, has decided to look into rumors of genocide around the time of that whole World War II thingee. You see, after reading the Leuchter Report, Wiliamson became convinced that the whole gas chambers story was just that — a story.

Never heard of the Leuchter Report? Do I have a movie for you — Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter Jr. It’s the age-old story of how a lovable electric-chair and gallows manufacturer was used by professional Holocaust-deniers to “corroborate” their version of history. What began, in Leuchter’s view, as a crusade against censorship became a complete personal and professional meltdown. Documentarian Errol Morris does a first-rate job of letting Leuchter tell his own story — and hang himself in the process.

Oh what Frank Capra could have done with this!

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