NBC’s New Show To Catch a War Criminal Expected to Garner Big Ratings as Kids Turn in Grandpa and Crazy Uncles in the Attic


Oh, if only Paddy Chayevsky were alive today. Would the prophetic writer of Network even be able to keep up?

Hard on the success of their pedophile-of-the week series To Catch a Predator, NBC is planning To Catch a War Criminal, featuring intrepid reporters hunting down war criminals and, presumably bringing them to justice (or at least alerting justice as to their whereabouts).

In fact, one man suspected of committing atrocities in Rwanda, Leopold Munyakazi, has already been suspended from his teaching position at Goucher College as a result of an NBC investigation.

NBC has not been forthcoming with details about the new series, presumably to keep the anticipation high and the likelihood of a phone call from the folks at Homeland Security low.

If this takes off, what else can we expect as, say, midseason replacements? How about —

To Catch a Fat Bastard: People whose BMI exceeds 30 are caught on tape eating when they’re not really hungry.

To Catch a Carnivore: Meat eaters are cornered in public restrooms by vegans and members of PETA until they pass every last morsel of flesh through 39 feet of small intestine.

To Catch a Bedhead: People with terrifying hairlicks are stopped as they walk down the street and forced to look at themselves in the rearview mirrors of parked cars.

To Catch a Postmodern Theologian: In which doctoral candidates from Harvard Divinity School and Union Theological Seminary are secretly taped fondling images of Jacques Derrida and Rudolf Bultmann.

The possibilities are endless.

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