The People vs. George Lucas Will Determine Whether Indy 4 Constitutes a War Crime

So it’s a documentary intended to examine how badly George Lucas has mucked up his legacy with such (euphemism alert) disappointments as the Star Wars prequels and Indiana Jones and the Alien Crystal Numbskull and its nuclear-free refrigerator bit.

This isn’t a rehash of whether the Spielberg-Lucas ’70s juggernaut ruined American films by making everything about puppets, action sequences, and first-weekend box office (a load of bunk, in my opinion, as cinema was born as a mass-entertainment medium), but whether those already enamored of Lucas the fabulist have a right to be angry over the filmmaker’s failure to build on his early successes.


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2 thoughts on “The People vs. George Lucas Will Determine Whether Indy 4 Constitutes a War Crime

  1. This is a thought provoking post, but just to add a little perspective: it’s not like All of Lucas’ earlier stuff was brilliant, only to be ruined by some of his later shlock. The lady in the clip pointed out “Howard the Duck”, which I wouldn’t even have remembered. But thinking in a linear way, notwithstanding the A-bomb proof refrigerator, Indiana Jones 4 was better than Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Frankly, I always thought the Last Crusade was the best.

    On the other hand, the Star Wars Prequels drove me crazy for reasons thatr went beyond Jar-jar Binks.

    I mean, c’mon. The virgin birth of Darth Vader? That alone had me gagging.

    And what of the wisdom of the ALL WISE JEDI COUNSEL. Let’s see…we’re a society of celebate guardians of the galaxy, and we have to guard the babe-a-lishus queen of the most romantic planet in the galaxy…hmmmmm…who among us is up to that task?…a female or a non-humanoid?…nah…let’s assign a male member of the same species who is at the peak of his youthful hormonal storms…that’s the ticket…and since he has a reputation for being impuslive and undisciplined, let’s send him on this mission with no supervision…what a great plan!…what could possibly go wrong?

    Any group that stupid deserves to be wiped out.


  2. Not so much “earlier” but “early” — from THX-1138 to American Graffiti to the original Star Wars trilogy to Indy 1. The stuff he produced in the 80s was almost uniformly awful. (I think Mishima and Tucker are the only standouts.)


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