Producer of ‘Atlas Shrugged Part II: More Shrugging, Less Hugging’ Says Christians and Randians Should Unite to Save Capitalism


John Aglialoro, one of the producers who have fought for years to bring Ayn Rand’s 37,000-page Objectivist manifesto Atlas Shrugged to the Big Screen, says socially conservative Christians should make common cause with socially liberal libertarians and Randians to save capitalism from the depredations of miserable filthy communists.

The Christian Post spoke with Aglialoro, who is busy promoting his new film, Atlas Shrugged Part II, not to be confused with Part I, which enjoyed a short run in theaters last year and grossed less than $5 million.

“Frankly, I’m a liberal when it comes to sexuality and drug laws,” Aglialoro clarified.

Rand’s philosophy has been a subject of scrutiny recently because of the selection of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) to be Mitt Romney’s running mate. Ryan is a fan of Rand’s fictional works but, as a Catholic, disagrees with her atheism.

I think Paul Ryan, rightfully, because it’s his beliefs, said, ‘hey I am a Catholic, I am not an atheist, I reject Ayn Rand’s philosophy relative to atheism, but I endorse her sense that there’s a moral basis for capitalism,'” Aglialoro said.

Aglialoro also noted that his step-son, Mark Henderson, is an evangelical Christian who has written about where he believes Rand’s philosophy overlaps with Christianity. His blog is called The Soul of Atlas: An Objectivist-Christian Conversation.

If you would like to see Atlas Shrugged Part II, you can reserve tickets here. I saw Part One. It was not terrible. But I like films about ideas. And I hate all forms of collectivism. So perhaps I was primed to at least give it a chance. Virtually none of the actors, however, from that  film will be returning to Part Two. If you think it’s owing to a fear for their careers, bigger, more recognizable names have taken their places. For example, Samantha Mathis (Broken Arrow) is now playing Dagny Taggart, whereas Taylor Schilling (not a damn thing worth mentioning) played her in the first. Esai Morales (La Bamba) now plays D’Anconia (I’m assuming you’ve read the book), and D.B. Sweeney (Eight Men Out) is playing Galt. Go figure.

IN OTHER NEWS: There’s a bacon shortage. Now that’s something Christians and Randians should be worrying about.


2 thoughts on “Producer of ‘Atlas Shrugged Part II: More Shrugging, Less Hugging’ Says Christians and Randians Should Unite to Save Capitalism

  1. Isn’t a sequel to Atlas Shrugged contrary to Rand’s philosophy, considering it’s mediocrity and weak box office?


    1. The producers probably don’t think of it as mediocre. And the $5 million I quoted was domestic gross. Productions costs, according to, were under $7 million. Figure marketing and distribution costs would double or triple the productions costs before you hit the break-even point. But add to the domestic take international money and DVD sales and rentals, plus the hope that once the whole tale is told there will be legs to this thing, especially via Netflix, et al., and I wouldn’t be surprised if they did turn a profit.


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