Forget Obama and Romney: Here’s Why You Should Elect a Comic Book Supervillain


Lauren Davis over @ io9 has an eye-opening piece that lays out “9 Reasons to Elect a Supervillain President.”

What’s frightening is that they all make eminent sense.

1. They have a strong vision for the future.

2. They’ll go to great lengths to rebuild the country.

3. They won’t stand for idiotic interview questions.

4. They make our monuments far more interesting.

5. They’ll keep up morale (in order to further their evil schemes).

6. They’ll eliminate unemployment—albeit through slavery.

7. They’re already part of the shadowy conspiracy that runs the planet.

8. They’re surprisingly easy to depose.

9. Chances are you won’t notice a difference between them and your non-supervillain presidents.

Man, Lauren, you sure have been paying attention to your supervillains. Which is kinda scary. But fun — definitely fun!

What about Bond supervillains: Dr. No, Blofeld, Goldfinger, Scaramanga (who uses solar power for evil), Kananga, Stromberg (you can’t go wrong with a German supervillain, who will at least get the economy moving), Hugo Drax, Rupert Murdoch. A few of these guys would probably relocate the capital to the moon, or an underground lair, or Atlantis, or Malcolm X Boulevard. Which I’m all for.

BTW — “It also appears that our government has provisions for dealing with certain types of evil elected official. When, in Robert Sheckley’s Alternate Presidents story ‘Dukakis and the Aliens,’ Michael Dukakis is elected president and turns out to be a member of an evil alien race, the Men In Black step in, rewriting history so that Dukakis loses the election. Of course, there are some who might have preferred the aliens to George H.W. Bush.”

Did You Know: That The Spy Who Loved Me, who many believe to be the best of the Moore 007 flicks (my favorite remains Moore’s first, Live and Let Die), had a budget of $14 million — but made $185 million worldwide? Skyfall, the soon-to-open Craig Bond, had a budget of roughly $200 million, and so would have to gross about $2.7 BILLION to equal the success of Spy, which would then make it tied with Avatar for all-time box office.


2 thoughts on “Forget Obama and Romney: Here’s Why You Should Elect a Comic Book Supervillain

  1. Bad Horse! Bad Horse! Bad Horse! He’s bad!

    He rides across the nation,
    The Thoroughbred of Sin.
    He read the nomination
    That you just sent in.
    It needs evaluation,
    So let the games begin.
    A heinous crime, a show of force,
    A murder would be nice, of course.
    Bad Horse!

    The Evil League of Evil
    Is watching, so beware.
    The vote that you receive’ll
    Be your last, we swear.
    So make the Bad Horse gleeful,
    Or he’ll make you his mare.
    You’re saddled up, there’s no recourse,
    So hi-yo-Silver
    (Signed) Bad Horse

    Running mate Dr. Horrible pledges “It’ll be a brand new day.”


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