Strange Quote of the Day: Nicolai Berdyaev



A false interpretation of “good works” leads to a complete perversion of Christianity. “Good works” are regarded not as an expression of love for God and man, not as a manifestation of the gracious force which gives life to others, but as a means of salvation and justification for oneself, as a way of realizing the abstract idea of the good and receiving a reward in the future life. This is a betrayal of the Gospel revelation of love. “Good works” done not for the love of others but for the salvation of one’s soul are not good at all. Where there is no love there is no goodness. Love does not require or expect a reward; it is a reward in itself; it is a ray of paradise illumining and transfiguring reality. “Good works” as works of the law have nothing to do with the Gospel and the Christian revelation: they belong to the pre-Christian world.

—The Destiny of Man


5 thoughts on “Strange Quote of the Day: Nicolai Berdyaev

  1. I think you miss the fact that the word “strange” is being used in a sense that differs from it’s typical one.


    1. You are right. Thanks for enlightening me.

      Hey…I’m a product of the L.A. Unified School District.

      I consider myself lucky to be able to even read the post.


  2. I see this kind of thing in myself for so many of the things I do that are right. However good my acts may start out, eventually I notice some pride or selfishness has seeped in, like some kind of universal solvent. Thank God that the Holy Spirit can search out those hidden flaws. God help us to have hearing ears.


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