About Me

  • Son of an Italian immigrant.
  • Native New Yorker.
  • Product of Lutheran parochial schools so blame them.
  • University Honors Scholar in cinema studies (NYU). Internship at The Museum of the Moving Image.
  • Husband of a wonderful woman, Denise, a special-ed teacher for years, now in the real estate business. Eighteen years together and she’s not sick of me yet. Yet.
  • Britcom fanatic.
  • Once had Rambo for a boss.
  • Tried really hard to get David Letterman to be my boss.
  • Briefly the humor editor for Reader’s Digest, which was not as funny as it sounds. In fact, it doesn’t even sound that funny. Forget I mentioned it.
  • Have held virtually every editorial title there is—senior editor, Web editor, copy chief, managing editor, production editor, writer—for a wide variety of magazines, websites, newspapers, and book publishers, including Time, Discover, Individual Investor, Men’s Fitness, First Things, Commentary, the HistoryChannel.com, Beliefnet.com, Facts On File, and the Wall Street Journal.
  • Have Neil Simon’s autograph and a signed letter from Snoopy.
  • Wrote a lot about religion between the years 2006 and 2016, which can be found at Simul Jocular et Peccator.

“Any man can be 62, but it takes a bus to be 62A.”
—Spike Milligan (1918–2002)