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Hidden in Plain Sight: Reflections on ‘That All Shall Be Saved’

Rob Bell’s Personal Hell

Is Inerrancy Blasphemous?

Martin Luther on Trial

Luther to Enter Rome, Again

Do You Worship in a State-Approved Church?

The Biggest Christian Movie Star on the Planet

The Novel Is Protestant. What Does That Make the Haiku?

If Famous Preachers Left Yelp Reviews of Lakewood Church

Who Can Forgive Whose Sins?

Are Germans Reliving Their 16th-Century Lutheran Past?

You Might Be a Lutheran If…

FOUND: 1st Edition of Luther’s “On the Freedom of a Christian”

There Already Was a “Draw Jesus” Contest

The Cardinal Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Thomas More vs. Martin Luther 10 Things Christians Didn’t Know About Christianity

Jesus’s Empty Tomb Found Filled with Stuff

You Will Never Hear a Lutheran Pastor Say This

Lutherans Invade New York, Ignore Everyone

A Strange Review: The Overnighters

A Strange Preview: The Overnighters

The Real Real Jesus

Lutherans vs. the Word Police

Strange and Very Long Quote of the Day: Hermann Sasse

Pre-AD 90 Fragment of Markan Gospel Found—And You Won’t Believe Where!

What a Minority Religion Should Do in the Face of Public Ridicule

A Strange Lecture: Alister McGrath on the Necessity of Faith and Science

A Strange Apology: The Lutheran Church Is a Mess

Lutheran: To Be or Not to Be

Satan Loves You This I Know, for Some Loonies Tell Me So

A Strange Review: Rev.

An Atheist Church Schism

A Strange Medieval Piety

A Strange Papal Bull

Alistair Begg Kicks His Nonexistent Dog

Strange Quote of the Day: Bo Giertz

On This Day 50 Years Ago, a Great Man of God Fell Asleep

Secrety True Secrets of the Bible’s Other Secrets

Why Calvin and Not Luther?

Luther’s House Church

Those Lutheran-Sounding Anglicans

Strange Quote of the Day: Nicolai Berdyaev

Luther’s Monks

Von Balthasar and Calvin in Hell

Is Anglicanism a Variant of Lutheranism?

The Most Lutheran Man in the World

You Can’t Have Jesus Without the Christ

Strange Quote of the Day: F. E. Mayer

Leaving Eden: A Lutheran TV Series for the Web

Top Exorcist Send 160,000 Demons Back to Hell. ACLU, Bishop Schori Threaten Lawsuit

St. Pelagius, Pray for Us

The Quest for the Evangelical Lutheran Church

A Strange Question: Who Said It?

The Lutheran Song (with Apologies to Adam Sandler)

Could an Atheist Have Directed The Exorcist?

Branch Davidians Await Resurrection of David Koresh. In Other News, Dairy Queens Waffle Cones Are on Sale!

“We Are the Product of Quantum Fluctuations in the Very Early Universe”

Atheist Church: An Exercise in Mimicry

Skirting the Tiber: When Catholics Convert to Evangelicalism

Seventh Day Adventists Really Pissed to Still Be Here

Are the New Atheists Mellowing?

Gospel of Judas Not a Forgery. Just Utterly Worthless.

Did Jews of Jesus’s Era Practice Crucifixion?

Strange Quote of the Day: Martin Chemnitz

Strange Quotes of the Day: Dietrich Bonhoeffer

A Strange Review: Broken

Is Lutheranism Broken?

Scholars Add to Word of God. I’m Staying Indoors for the Next Few Days.

Diarmaid MacCulloch vs. the Catholic Curia

The Real Ring That Inspired Tolkien’s Lord of the

If the New York Times Had Written Jesus’s Obituary

“Jesus Christ Is Risen Today” Rewritten by MSM Religion Editors

Greg Boyd Is Wrong About the Atonement

Martin Luther Greets the New Pope

Strange Quote of the Day: Soren Kierkegaard

Copts Have New Pope. In Other News, German Catholics Looking Forward to 2017 Like a Colonoscopy.

Church of the Holy Sepulcher May Close Due to Unpaid Water Bill

World Bible Society Prez Says Jesus Returns Around 2018, Jersey Shore Not So Much

Reformation Day: Lutherans vs. Alien Righteousness

Luther and Religious Experience

The Porn Star and the Preacher(s)

CT’s 50 Most Evangelical Christian Women

Luther vs. the Proto-Pentecostals

Secular Website Calls Out Rachel Held Evans for Making a “Spectacle” of the Bible

Lutherans Written Out of Gospel Coalition’s New Catechism

This Is Why Lutherans Need Their Own Channel on Patheos

What Do the Man Who Played Forrest Gump and the Author of The Idiot Have in Common?

Neurosurgeon Visits Heaven and All He Got Was a Crummy Newsweek Cover Story

“Holy Flying Circus”

What Would It Take for You to Lose Your Faith? Notes Toward an Apologetic

The King of Queens Talks King of Kings

Strange Quote of the Day: Martin Luther

“Pro-Choice Terrorist” Sentenced to 41 Months in Prison

Einstein: Religion Nothing More than “Childish Superstitions”

The Inhumanity of the Humanists and the Narcissism of Small Differences

6,000 Choose Christ at Joyce Meyer Conference! In Other News, Jimmy Hoffa Found in Detroit Driveway!

Producer of Atlas Shrugged Part II: More Shrugging, Less Hugging Says Christians and Randians Should Unite to Save Capitalism

East Germany Is Less than 50% Theist, and 80% of Them Are Agnostics

Wall Street Consulting Astrologers for Guidance. Do I Really Need a Punch Line?

Strange Book You May Have Missed: Alexander the Corrector

German Bishops to Tax Evaders: No Sacraments for You!

NT Scholar: “Jesus’s Wife” Fragment Not Worth the Papyrus It’s Written On

Don’t Tell Evangelicals About the Zombie Apocalypse or All Hell Will Break Loose

Atheist vs. Christian Smackdown in the New York Review of Books!

The Real Presence on the Moon, or Are There Atheists on Space Shuttles?

Brian McLaren Takes MSM Bait by Taking Evangelicals to Task for “Islamophobia”

Lutherans, Sanctification, and the Idiot Next Door

Jerry Walls vs. the Neo-Calvinist Juggernaut

I’m Becoming a Professional Atheist

Carving Out a Pilgrimage for an Earnest Atheist

When Will These Atheists Stop Bickering Among Themselves and Start Acting Like Good Christians?

Three Powerful Arguments for Women as Pastors and Elders

Sigmund Freud, C.S. Lewis, and a World of Hurt

Martini Will Leave Vatican Neither Shaken nor Stirred

Thai Buddhists Say Steve Jobs Has Been Reincarnated, Probably as Windows 8

Cosmic Origins: Neither Creationism nor Materialism

Atheists, Confronted with Hate, Pull Down Hateful Anti-Mormon, Anti-Christian Billboard

Strange Quote of the Day: Christopher Hitchens

UPDATED: The Christian Post Meets Christianity Today. Wackiness Ensues.

Nadia Bolz-Weber and Lutheran Identity

Gregg Allman Gets Saved

Does Hell Exist? And If So, Is the Heat Oil or Gas?

Women Dropping Out of Atheism Fest Due to Sexual Harrassment and Air Supply Tribute Band

Episcopal Church Forced to Sell NYC Headquarters After Soul Pulls in $11 on eBay

Razing the Temple of Atheism Before It’s Built

Do You Have a Religion?

Strange Quote of the Day: Stanley Hudson

Mike Licona Answers His Critics

Harold Camping Raptured, Definitely Nowhere to Be Found

Steve Jobs Quit His Lutheran Church at 13. Beat Me by a Year.

Notes from a Heresy Trial

A Strange Review: The Mighty Macs

“Lutherans Drank Openly and Praised God Secretly…”

How Does Mr. Bean Find Vicars? He Turns Left at the Millennium Bridge.

Are Lutherans Humor-Impaired? Or Mean? You Be the Judge!

The NY Times/Bill Keller Irreligious Litmus Test

Strange Quote of the Day: Richard John Neuhaus (1938–2009)

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