Writing Résumé

REVIEW! Hail, Caesar! (Intercollegiate Review Online)

TWO CHEERS FOR COMIC-CON! Dreaming of Star Wars (Intercollegiate Review Online)

REVIEW! Daredevil: The Netflix Series (Intercollegiate Review Online)

HISTORY MADE FUN! Guy Fawkes, Call Your Office (The Federalist)

REVIEW! Whiplash (Intercollegiate Review Online)

REVIEW! Atlas Shrugged: Parts I-III (Intercollegiate Review Online)

REVIEW! Left Behind (Intercollegiate Review Online)

REVIEW! Captain America (First Things On the Square)

ANTI-PC POLEMIC! The Progressive Death of Comedy (Intercollegiate Review Online)

HISTORY MADE FUN! This Is You on the Wrong Side of History (Intercollegiate Review Online)

HISTORY MADE FUN! This Day in World War II (right-hand column, at the bottom)

PROFILE! Donald Reed Mathewson: The Voice Heard ‘Round the World (profile of my late father-in-law, Delaware Today)

PROFILE! The Serious Business of Art (Delaware Today)

EULOGY.  The Eulogy I Didn’t Give

SAPPY LOVE STORY!  Enough: A Valentine

PROFILE! An Interview with Timothy J. Keller (First Things On the Square)

FUN LIST! Twelve Films That Defined America (Intercollegiate Review magazine)

FUN LIST! Twelve Funniest Books Ever Written (Intercollegiate Review magazine)

REVIEW! Cold Souls (Filmwell)

REVIEW! The Incredible Hulk, the Philokalia, and Anger Management (First Things On the Square)

REVIEW! The Happening (First Things On the Square)

REVIEW!  A Mirror Darkly, by Thomas S. Hibbs (First Things magazine)

REVIEW! There Will Be Blood (First Things On the Square)

REVIEW! Goya’s Ghosts (First Things On the Square) 

REVIEW! Rocky Balboa (First Things On the Square)

REVIEW! Children of Men (First Things On the Square)

REVIEW! Apocalypto, et al. (First Things On the Square)

DEFUNCT CELEBRITY MAGAZINE! Sly “Quick Reads” (SLY magazine—premiere issue)

DEFUNCT CELEBRITY MAGAZINE! Sly “Books” (SLY magazine—May/June 2005)

DEFUNCT CELEBRITY MAGAZINE! Sly Entertainment (SLY magazine—premiere issue)

DEFUNCT CELEBRITY MAGAZINE! Sly DVD Reviews (SLY magazine—May/June 2005)

HOW TO!  How to Dodge a Drone Strike without Skipping Class (Intercollegiate Review Online)

HOW-TO! A Gulag Guide to Life

HOW-TO! How to Get Out of Bed

RELIGION SATIRE! A Mainline Bishop Explains It All for You (First Things On the Square)

THEATER! 45 Minutes to an Hour (A Play in One Act)

CINEMA STUDIES DEGREE MAJOR! Allusions to the Franco-Prussian War in Jerry Lewis’s The Patsy_

RELIGION SATIRE! Flatteries Not Included (The Door magazine)

ETHNIC HUMOR! Made Italians (Primo, Italian-American culture magazine)