Speaking of the Late, Great Tony Randall…

I found the pilot for the much underrated but superb Tony Randall Show online. As Judge Walter Franklin, Randall was a kind of de-neuroticized Felix in constant high dudgeon. And, of course, there was the inimitable Mario Lanza.


You’re so lucky to know me.

For some extra fun: outtakes from the original Odd Couple series, put together by the late, great Jack Klugman. (Warning: some of these outtakes contain naughty language that may inflame sensitive souls to acts of spiritual violence. Please exercise caution and prudence while viewing.)

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2 Responses to Speaking of the Late, Great Tony Randall…

  1. Lars Walker says:

    I loved the Tony Randall Show. Great writing, great characters, great comic acting. It should have lasted as long as Mary Tyler Moore.


    • Anthony Sacramone says:

      Not sure why it didn’t click. It changed networks once, from ABC to CBS, if I’m not mistaken. People forget that The Odd Couple was never a ratings hit. In fact, it was slated to be cancelled at the end of every season — but the reruns over the summer did well enough that execs would stay the execution — until 1975.


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