Jillian Melchior, Superstar

So Jillian worked with me at Commentary, as part of the online team. You can’t be exposed to Jillian’s whirlwind energy for long without being caught up in it. In what seems now like a really short period of time, she has gone from toiling as an online editorial assistant to smoking cigars with Christopher Hitchens (pre-diagnosis), working in China, reporting from war and refugee zones, writing for everything from the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post to NRO, to duking it out with Charlie Gasparino on Fox Business to grappling with the communists on MSNBC, and now to sitting down with the celebs on Real Time with Bill Maher:


Shortly after Jillian left Commentary I got a call from a potential employer asking for a job reference. I said, “Look, just hire her. You want to be on the Jillian Melchior train. You want to be able to say one day, ‘Oh, yeah, Jillian used to work here. We saw her talent right away.'”

She got the job.

Proud to say I knew her when.


One thought on “Jillian Melchior, Superstar

  1. You don’t know me – but can I list you as a reference? You can say, “I don’t know him from beans” and that will be good enough. 🙂


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