Is This the Worst Sitcom in the History of Sitting?

Imagine some comic “genius” finds himself standing in an elevator next to a TV-network executive and decides he has 30 seconds to make a pitch for what he believes will be a groundbreaking situation comedy.

COMIC GENIUS: Think “Adolf and Eva — their home life.” Like The Honeymooners, only starring a genocidal madman and his lady love. Imagine the gags: Hitler has a bad day at the Eastern Front and decides he’s not taking the garbage out no matter what Eva says. Eva thinks Hitler’s having an affair and so decides to bug his office. Hitler and Eva are tired of their wacky next-door neighbors, the Mengeles, coming over every Saturday night and showing them more photographs of “twins.”

EXECUTIVE (laughing hysterically): Stop it, stop it, oh my sides!!

Now imagine that the genius pitching the idea is decidedly not Mel Brooks.

Well, I give you Heil Honey, I’m Home!

For some more background, check out the indispensable Mental Floss’s take.

4 thoughts on “Is This the Worst Sitcom in the History of Sitting?

  1. Yet any culture that thought setting a comedy in a Nazi POW camp would be a great idea could conceivably buy into this as well.


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