A Strange Review: Creed

    UPDATE (12/01/15): Sylvester Stallone has won Best Supporting Actor from the National Board of Review. This is very happy making. UPDATE 2 (12/03/15): Carl Weathers, the original Creed, talks about how insulting Stallone may have gotten him the gig in Rocky One. Early on in Creed, a young Adonis Johnson (Michael B. Jordan) … Continue reading A Strange Review: Creed

The Greatest Letter Ever Written?

Perhaps not. But it's up there: a former slave's reply to his former master's request that he come back and work his farm. The response is priceless, and demonstrates both a subtle and lacerating wit that would have made a Twain or a Wilde grin ear to ear, and an innate intelligence that finally found its expression. … Continue reading The Greatest Letter Ever Written?

That Time I Worked for Rambo

So the studio has put out a five-minute preview of Creed, something more telling than is typical in a mere trailer, perhaps in honor of Philly's having actually named a day for Creed: Director Ryan Coogler along with Stallone and his new co-stars Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson were on hand in Philly for the proclamation of Creed Day on November 25th, which … Continue reading That Time I Worked for Rambo

A Very Strange Preview: Sergio Leone’s “The Siege of Leningrad”

The only stories I love to read more than "The Making of ..." this or that film are stories about films that almost got made, kinda got made, never got made. I recently treated myself to a popcorn book, The Greatest Movies You'll Never See, and although I knew broadly about several of these would-be … Continue reading A Very Strange Preview: Sergio Leone’s “The Siege of Leningrad”