My Almost Jewish Me

Before Kurt Vonnegut signed my copy of Bluebeard, he asked me two questions: What’s your name? and Whadda ya do? Which is pretty unremarkable, even coming from Kurt Vonnegut. It’s just another way of asking anyone, Who are you? Today, however, when someone wants to know who you are, he, she, or AI may very … Continue reading My Almost Jewish Me

A Strange Review: Creed

    UPDATE (12/01/15): Sylvester Stallone has won Best Supporting Actor from the National Board of Review. This is very happy making. UPDATE 2 (12/03/15): Carl Weathers, the original Creed, talks about how insulting Stallone may have gotten him the gig in Rocky One. Early on in Creed, a young Adonis Johnson (Michael B. Jordan) … Continue reading A Strange Review: Creed

That Time I Worked for Rambo

So the studio has put out a a five-minute preview of Creed, something more telling than is typical in a mere trailer, perhaps in honor of Philly's having actually named a day for Creed: Director Ryan Coogler along with Stallone and his new co-stars Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson were on hand in Philly for the proclamation of Creed Day on November 25th, which … Continue reading That Time I Worked for Rambo

A Very Strange Preview: Sergio Leone’s “The Siege of Leningrad”

The only stories I love to read more than "The Making of ..." this or that film are stories about films that almost got made, kinda got made, never got made. I recently treated myself to a popcorn book, The Greatest Movies You'll Never See, and although I knew broadly about several of these would-be … Continue reading A Very Strange Preview: Sergio Leone’s “The Siege of Leningrad”